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Recruitment Open
We are looking to open up recruitment within the guild to both old players and new for our Warcraft and Planetside teams.
We are looking to start putting together our team for Planetside 2. The core of the guild was actually created playing Planetside 1 back on the Werner-EU server and we want to try to recapture a little bit of that magic again when Planetside 2 is launched. In anticipation of this, we want to start putting together the team ahead of the Beta which is hopefully not too far away.

We are also looking to look ahead to our next Warcraft expansion and put in place the team which will hopefully deliver plenty of shits and giggles, together with some epic progress.
If you want to apply for either of these teams, then you should post in the recruitment section of our forum.
Maya earned our 2nd legendary caster staff
After weeks of farming, Maya tonight finally earned her legendary caster staff. Congratulations Maya! I managed to take a few more screenshots this time! 6th February 2012.
Morchokk HC Drops
Morchokk HC died. Pretty simple fight all together and we had to rely on Igster to do some imba off tanking (seems priests pwn tanks here!!)
Unfortunately we took no screenshots though - but it was fun. 8th Feb 2012.
Deathwing Slain
After some time trying to get the raid strong enough to take this guy down, we managed to kill Deathwing on Normal mode. Great work everyone that was there. A special thank you to the stand-ins that we had to rely upon to finally get the kill! 12th January 2012.
Methos gains his legendary staff
Congratulations to Methos for finally obtaining his legendary staff. He obtained his staff on 11th December 2011.

DKP Rules
I have posted the dKP Looting rules on the dkp site. Please go and have a look and make any comments that you have. All updates will be done to this news article. Link Also News : BOE items will now be sold for a fixed amount of 1000gold paid to the guild bank for alt characters to raiders. Priority will be based subjectively on the amount you play that alternate character. Officer decision final on priority and is subject to bribery and corruption.
Firelands HC Progress
Been a busy old October/November for us and finally after a lull once we killed Shannox, our raiding team finally put in some full weeks of raiding and the HC bosses have fallen like a pack of dominos. Just goes to show that the only thing holding back our progress for the whole expansion has really been our own reliability at showing up for raids! Heres hoping we actually turn up at the start of the next patch for a change. Heres hoping we dont have any more periods of reduced activity again soon.
Been a while since I updated the progress from Firelands so I finally did a progress news item. Firelands has proved quite a challenge with it's timing in the middle of summer. I think the nuts have quite a lot of real life Summertime commitments which have resulted in quite a few cancelled raids over the summer. Hopefully this is now behind us and we can get back to killing stuff.
Majordomo was a nice fight. Not a great challenge but just a nice fight
Baleroc was fun but fairly easy. Dont have a screenshot unfortunately.
Alysrazor is one of the most fun fights I've had so far. Really fun fight, especially for healers
Rhyolith took us a bit too long to do but we had slightly ropey tactics and the driving proved to be quite a challenge for us. Very easy fight now though.
Shannox was a very straightforward kill. Pain in the arse to summon just because you have to clear trash to spawn him.
Beth Tilac is a nice fun fight. No screenshot but how many glowing spider pictures are needed *8)
Heroic Chimaeron
As a healer, this guy is a pain in the ass. Great job everyone who kept pushing on this guy.... it finally came together for a very nice dodgy kill.
He didn't drop shaman loot though.
Heroic Atramedes Muted
This guy is quite a fun fight, but he went down quite easy I think on our first night... last pull of the night ofc. Think he only has shaman loot on his loot table though.
15th May 2011
Heroic Halfus Killed
We finally pulled our fingers out of our backsides and decided to start raiding the heroic modes. After learning the fight with 2 tanks and getting him pretty low, we tried next night with 3 tanks and he fell over and died first pull.
Didnt get screenshot of this one - too ugly and we think Chal was humping the body still after getting more shaman loot.
12th May 2011
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27/03/2015 18:19
Is there any core members left. Chal, Igster Tricky, Polly.

27/03/2015 18:17
Hi Polly, you still around. What are you upto?

17/11/2014 16:23

13/11/2014 14:21
im playing the exp but the lag is silly

13/11/2014 02:48
So, anyone jumping in on this expansion?

01/10/2014 18:48
Hey Polly! If you liked playing Eve, you should have a look at that one as well then: http://www.elited.

14/09/2014 19:58
I'm getting tired of Eve Online now so looking for another game. Any recommendations? Wink

13/05/2014 21:06
Anyone played/playing WildStar? Having a blast personally Cool

06/03/2014 22:19
OK, ESO Imperial Edition pre-ordered! Ready to play! Grin

28/02/2014 02:30
Thanks, got a key from that site. Will try it out this weekend. Smile